How to catch Pokemon without taking many balls?

It is kind of known the fact that Pokemon go is a very popular game, and the popularity of the game is increasing day by day. The game basically allows you to catch all the Pokemon in the real world. So, this game is getting quite attractive for the people who are a fan of Pokemon show. So, if you are playing the game for the very first time, then catching a Pokemon may not be quite an easy job for you, as you may get a little bit nervous. And when you get nervous, then you won’t be able to catch the pokemons and play the games properly. So, if you are playing the game for the very first time, then it can be expected that this discussion will help you a lot.


1) Relax:

This is the very first thing that you should consider when you are catching the Pokemon. It is quite common that you will be quite nervous while catching the pokemoon for the very first time. But always try to hold your nerves. And remember that the Pokemon is not going anywhere. So, throw the Pokeball properly to catch the Pokemon.

2) Guesstimate distance:

If you have an interest in catching wild pokemons, then there is one important thing that you must remember, and that is the pokemon go location hack will always be some feet away from your current location. And if you try to move close to the Pokemon, it won’t be much beneficial as the Pokemon will always be some distance away from me. So, under such situation, it is advised to throw the Pokeball strongly. And if the Pokemon is at fair margin away from your location, then it is always advised that throw the Pokeball strongly. Otherwise, you may not be able to catch the Pokemon.

3) Focus the Pokemon tin the center of your camera:

When you are catching a Pokemon with your phone, then it is really important that you keep focusing the Pokemon in the center of the camera. And at the same time, you have to keep a steady hand as well. As if your hand somehow becomes unsteady, then the focus may get disturbed. And if your camera is focused to the Pokemon, then the aim will be much more perfect. And with a perfect aim you can throw the Pokeball properly. And if you can throw the Pokeball properly, then there is a good chance that you will catch the Pokemon.

4) Beware while taking a shot!

While catching the Pokemon, always try to be aware of the colored circle. A green circle means the Pokemon is easy to catch and the yellow circle means the Pokemon is relatively tough. But if the red circles appear, then you have to face a hell of a problem to catch that Pokemon. And if the size of the circle is relatively smaller, then the pokemon is easy to catch, and if the circle is bigger, then the pokemon is going to be quite tough to catch.

So, if you are aware these steps, then you can catch Pokemon quite easily without spending much poke balls.

Japanese Honda CR-V technology but expensive

Honda CR-V is a car that I propose for the Japanese premium as long as the luxury division, Acura, is not present in Romania. The new CR-V has the technology and comfort that makes peer to beat a BMW or Audi.

Holds a trump card: a price though is great for a Japanese SUV – with optional 40,000 euros – is the basis for a German limousine. Honda CR-V has a history of 20 years, during which reached the fourth generation. The new CR-V is defined as a facelift model launched in 2012.


The changes are so major that they could announce that a new car. First, the model is studded with the latest technologies designed for comfort and safety, and manufacturers humanoid robot Asimo have experience.

Then, the CR-V comes with the new 1.6-liter turbo diesel engine that delivers 160 horsepower, the most powerful unit in relation to displacement. In a first for Europe, the Japanese installed a new automatic gearbox with speed, fully electronic.

At first glance, CR-V may seem to be loaded once more sober taste of European car manufacturers. It has many broken lines many body elements, while the interior may seem tedious even if we sit to watch all the elements.

The myriad of details offered by Honda aims convenience for driver and passengers. Besides extrasuficient space and a panoramic glass sunroof, Honda offers a direct connection to high-end phones. Almost a course that you need to access all the features of the car.

For example, the 7 inch tablet on the center console can track including films carried on an HDMI port located in the armrest. Data about the condition of the car, anything we could think of, can be displayed on board in the middle of the dial, the tablet comes with Android system – hence able to run any applications – and the old display above the tablet.

The position is very comfortable in the car, leather seats, heated and equipped with powered, perfect for listening to music hi-fi audio system that plays.

The tablet may display warnings about the car’s blind spot about the proximity of objects in front or HD images from camera as framed in three different situations. Warning sounds come depending on the direction of the approaching danger.

It moves pretty well

Delight driver is given on how the car moves and assists systems. 1.6-liter engine and 160 horsepower is able to lead SUV 4.6 meters long and 1.7 tonnes up to 100 km / h in 10.9 seconds and to a top speed of 197 km / h.

Transmission is ensured by the automatic gearbox in 9 steps – which the manufacturer praise as the most advanced in the world – that can be directed and using the steering wheel paddles is on board as an indicator for how best yield.

Consumption announced by the manufacturer is 5.3 liters / 100 km in combined, but I have been somewhere around 7 liters counting the innings putting the sportiest, and about 9 in the city compared to the 6-liter know. Eco there for driving a light on the dashboard that helps you consume less fuel.

Best Android Apps

Since they appeared, smartphones and tablets seem perfect ways by which we kill time, when we have too much available. However, it would not hurt to know what applications are indicated to give a boost to your Android device.


We made a top that we hope will help because we know how important is to find the first application that you need, and get rid of that testing period. Applications they have chosen us are of the recently updated to offer you exactly what you need to be more productive.

Smartphone is a gadget perfect which helps you finish tasks from job, college, school in a variety of applications, but what would you say if you could phone to connect to your computer or laptop at home wherever you are in the world?

Although there are many applications that promise this, we decided that TeamViewer is one of the best applications that more is also free.

You only need a simple PIN code to connect to your PC. Then, once you have chosen magic numbers, you can do whatever you wanted to do by phone in the office in front of computer. That means the transfer documents or files into new folders, to load software that you can not have your phone or tablet.

GPS Phone Tracker

GPS Phone Tracker App is part of and operates by a very intelligent method to localize smart phones with the help of maps. This app can not find in google store, you download after Gps Phone Tracker website.


If some time ago was due mainly abroad, Booking has become relevant in Romania, especially in major cities and resorts. The main advantage is lower price than at reception, to which is added and easy booking process and lack of stress on accommodation when you arrive at your destination.


If you like to read magazines, Zinio is an app you should install. This gives you access to numerous journals grouped by category, including in areas such as sport, automotive and tech.


I could not end this article without mention about AccuWeather, one of the most precise applications when it comes to the weather forecast. The application, which “knows” many localities in Romania, tells you the weather in the next three weeks and how it will change in the next day on the hour. In addition, the interface is clean, intuitive and easy to use.

Social Apps

Snapchat is a social application that can be found in app stores, is free and simple to use. You can communicate with different friends at the same time but the messages will be deleted after a few minutes. I chose to talk about Snapchat because it says it is the most secure application. Every day, millions of people worldwide waive SMS mobile messaging applications. In the past, the most popular in the world was Yahoo Messenger, but today we speak Snapchat and other social sites. Many of these software are unsafe and protects personal information but we do not do this Snapchat.


I am very pleased with this app but I found a way that can this application can run much better and sanu delete messages. Snaphack is a program that allows you to send messages and pictures on the application without it to wipe at a time. Enter Snapchat Hack download to your device and wipe Snapchat app that you’ve no need of it.

In recent weeks, Internet users began to seek and embrace secure email messaging services and several programs and websites that can make conversations more difficult to listen to.

Since the scandal interceptions on the Internet, Internet citizens fears were confirmed. The largest email and social networking acknowledged that US intelligence provided personal information and conversations of hundreds of millions.

Some European governments have requested clarifications United Stet and against Edward Snowden has triggered a hunt, he was accused of treason. Treason or not, concerns us now as we make our secrets remain secrets.

And no matter how important than maybe you find some discussions usual today, one can not guarantee that they could be used against someone malevolently, which is sometimes even the state. Let’s see how conversing therefore confidential.

Over 85% of local smartphone users do not use mobile apps for the security of these devices. Among the biggest specific risks include unauthorized access and theft of confidential data information, difficulty in locating GPS device and the impossibility of blocking the terminal remotely in case of loss or theft. Snapchat is one of the applications that offers many fun things.


So you can have a video call in which one of the users prefer to write with camera and microphone turned off, you can have an audio call in which one user uses photos with superimposed text and any combination of methods provides Snapchat. The transition between them is intuitive, each communication method benefiting from its own dedicated button in the chat window.


Snapchat neglected to inform their clients about that snaps can be saved indefinitely, using other applications. This service for smart phones has become very popular after its launch in September 2011. But its success has generated many concerns because the application can offer teenagers a false sense of security when publishing their photos. More recently, Snapchat refused an offer to purchase $ 3 billion made by Facebook.

Moore’s Law

If you’ve heard of “Moore’s Law”, then you missed so far one of the pillars electronics industry. Its creator is Gordon Moore, who founded Intel. Three years before the founding of Intel, Moore noted that transistors will increase performance and reduce costs at a certain time. He did not know, however, that in 1965 he set a revolutionary idea that would become the current Law and influence many other companies and fields.

All the electronics that we use now turn to a processor as to “govern” actions between software and hardware. Moore’s Law of 1965 argued briefly that every two years the number of transistors in an integrated circuit will double. Now, maybe it seems obvious, but when computers were huge and has not allowed them only a few large companies.


Moore’s Law has provided a vision for technology that all components must be smaller but exponentially more efficient. Computer chips have been fitted with complicated circuit, and that while prices were led to their adoption on a larger scale through all sorts of devices. Today, much of the digital revolution and technological advances brought by the internet is due to Moore’s prediction, because it led to the widespread adoption of computers, write “truth”.

Note, however, that Moore’s Law is an aspiration, not a law of nature. This is possible with dedicated engineering production of processors. For example, Intel, the biggest computer chipmaker produces more than 10 billion transistors per second. Unlike the current period, the first of microprocessor transistors were the size of an eraser end of a pencil. As a result of Moore’s Law, currently more than 6 million transistors fit Trig point at the end of this sentence. In other words, transistors today are invisible to the naked eye. To view a single transistor, it needs a processor increased to the level of a house.

Electronics Stores copy of the magazine since 1965, where it was first put forth Moore’s Law

Moore’s law

If a phone with Intel-based Android would be built using 1971 technology, the processor would phone the size of a parking space. Try to do a selfie with a one. Compared with the first Intel processor, Intel 4004, today 14nm processors are 3,500 times more powerful and 90,000 times more effective at a cost of 1 / 60,000 less. more social networks would not have occurred without Moore’s Law for management of large amounts of data such as that produced from Facebook would be far too costly.
According to the “truth” in an article in “Backchannel” Steven Levy talks about the influence of Moore’s Law on the emergence of Google. “Those who have understood the words of Moore knew that the impossible is inevitable. All with a desktop computer could do some calculations and see the future. The hardest task was to believe them. Nonlinear advance predicted by Moore was so radical that only a few were able to understand it. But those who did hold future, “writes Steven Levy.

Larry Page, Google’s co-founder, when he wrote his thesis that can capture all content from local servers Stanford, not stuck in the idea that you can not, it’s too much information to process. He knew, using Moore’s Law, how computers will become stronger. So did some math and concluded that all those links can be searched in less than a second.

Also, Larry Page and he based his philosophy on the accents of Moore’s law. “Companies developing products currently on death row,” said Page. For this reason, when Google develops products, our responsibility that they will work with technologies that do not yet exist or barely developed.

Phone Locator

Hello there. My name is Justin and today me and my team will present you our newest application, GPS No Tracker, an applicatation which help you to locate any phone number and any device on the Earth.

Phone Locator

After Google and Nokia offer free navigation for mobile phone users, navigation industry sought new directions of development. After they releasing maps which you can navigate, sales from Nokia and Google have increased enormously, estimating about 3 bilion euros. If GPS has always sought directions of development that does not mean they looked for something special, but to develop more devices that can use GPS technology. Perhaps in the GPS industry are official persons, in the world are people more inteliigent who nobody know them.
Our team is made of people passionate of technology, combined with passion and ambition. These two have created GPS No Tracker, a GPS that is available to anyone and can detect any telephone number.
What is it.
This application, GPS No Tracker is an applicatio which can locate any device on the planet. This applcation is FREE to use, safe and works without internet connection. This ca be used by anyone. For example, when you lose your phone, GPS Phone Tracker will help you to detect your phone location.
How to Download.
When you enter on our website we will find section GPS No Tracker and after you click on it you will be redirected on download page. There you will find out Download button. Click on them and wait for Download. After that you can install GPS No Tracker. Application is compatible with any device, so will download and install according to your device system and operating system. If your device have GPS receiver, you can use GPS Mobile Tracker without problems. GPS No Tracker do not take up so much storage space. If you use it on smartphone you must to know, this application do not consume much battery.

Cell Phone tracker
How it work.

When you open GPS No Tracker you will see a box where you must enter the phone number of the person you want to locate. In few seconds, GPS will find the phone number and will show you the location based on a digital map. There you will see exactly where she or he is. GPS No Tracker it works with the latest version of Street View and you can real – time pictures with location. All face will be blurred, only the person that you locate will be visible. Each number is register on a database, where admins have all information about you, even photos. When you enter the phone number, GPS No Tracker will show you some information and you select if is the right person. Location accuracy is exactly.


After 5 months of work, we managed to develop the best application on the market. If you do not know how to use, or you have problems with GPS No Tracker do not hesitate to contact us, on our website you will find all information about us, including telephone number.


Phone locator refers to the detection of telephone devices by a method well known by many web surfers. The program is called locator phone and has a very interesting function. Using a telephone number you can locate your mobile device or smart phone or old phone. Being a very interesting topic for which I made this article I invite you to try locator phone, I was not disappointed with its use.

Hydroelectric plants

Hydroelectric plants are some mechanisms used in power plants where turbines are spun or powerful engines and use water power to produce electricity.


The capacity of a hydroelectric plants depends on the amount of water passing per second through the turbines and the drop height of water (in general, it is not a drop in the proper sense, but the flow). But in nature, most often there are large amounts of water (the rivers) or higher heights of fall (in mountainous regions). Consequently, hidroelecrice plants are classified into: -Central with a drop height of up to 50m, called low pressure systems, and central drop of over 50 m, called high-pressure facilities. For this type of plant is no hydraulic turbine generators suitable for driving. The installation of low-pressure turbine shaft is often placed vertically;


It must be properly mounted and the generator. This generator generally has a lower speed than the turbo generator and is endowed with a large diameter rotor and poly apparent. Low pressure hydroelectric find them first addition watercourses. Water is gained through a dam and flows to the turbines. If you do not want to flood large areas of earth dam, drop heights is achieved by only a few meters. Often as not to impede navigation, bulky additional constructions are necessary. The best known high-pressure hydroelectric plants are located at the foot of dams built to create a reservoir. They enclose a narrow valley or a place on the course of water and form lakes, which almost always serve other purposes (water supply, water disposal of high flood hazard). The dam is a construction that stops the course of a river to raise the water level upstream, to create a pool of water, a waterfall hydropower.
The disadvantages are related to dependence on river regime, the existence of water sources, the high value of the investment, carrying out construction work takes more and requires labor-intensive. By building a dam on the water accumulation occurring disturbances, climate, flora, fauna in the surrounding area due to changing rainfall regime disappearing species of plants and animals. Reservoirs prevent the transport of substances that are deposited fertile especially in the mouths of rivers in the delta.

The energy industry has boomed in the second half of the nineteenth century sl, initially based on water energy recovery (the first was a hydroelectric power plant) and mineral fossil fuels (in power plants). Subsequently appeared atomic power, geothermal, termomarine, solar, wind, biomass etc. Currently only three types of plants provide about 99% of total world production: power plants, hydroelectric and nuclear power plants.

Espionage Technology

In the context of events like MWC 2016, security experts warn participants in relation to the risk of Cyber espionage attacks using malware for mobile devices. Numerous groups of Cyber-espionage investigation in recent years used sophisticated mobile malware capable of infecting a wide range of mobile devices and to steal all sorts of valuable information.

The Russians might have conducted the first cyber attack against a power station
Events like MWC 2016 attract and a large number of cyber criminals, who considers public events a good opportunity to gather information to assist in malware attacks with the predefined target. According to statistics provided by Kaspersky Lab, at least five of Cyber espionage campaign uncovered in recent years have used malware tools able to infect mobile devices.

Sometimes these are programs created and spread in a given campaign, as is the case of the Red October, Cloud Atlas or Sofacy. In other cases, malicious actors tend to use so-called malware: a special set of attack tools sold by commercial organizations as Hacking Team (RCS), Gamma International (FinSpy) or others.

Standard encryption methods, insufficient

Many organizations believe that the standard method of encryption PGP is sufficient to protect messages sent by email, mobile devices, but it is not always the case. In order to avoid a situation in which actors bad intentioned find information about their targets, many conversations with touchy subject taking place now on mobile devices that use secure encryption applications and end-to-end, almost without metadata or metadata which are basically impersonal.

“This trend has made Cyber spies on to develop new weapons able to eavesdrop on the subjects and the digital life and in real life. Once the malware is installed on mobile devices, they can spy on all secure messages and can turn without being detected, the most sensitive conversations, even those carried out in relation to the front, “said Dmitry Bestuzhev, security expert at the Global Research and Analysis Team, Kaspersky Lab. However, there are certain measures that can be taken to protect private messages from hackers.

Always use a VPN connection to connect to the Internet. This makes it difficult to intercept data traffic on the network and reduces vulnerability to malicious programs that can be sent directly in a legitimate application downloaded from the Internet. Also, it is not recommended that you charge your mobile devices using a USB connected to the computer, because they can be infected with malicious software installed on your PC. It is best to charge your mobile phone directly from the mains, using an AC adapter.


You can use an anti-malware program on mobile devices. It looks like the future of these solutions lies in the same technology already deployed for the security on the desktop: Default Deny and Whitelisting. Protect your devices with a password, not a PIN. If the PIN is discovered, attackers can gain access to cyber criminals in the real environment, the mobile device and can install malware without your knowledge. You can learn more about online threats here.
The information stolen with the help of such tools, such as data about your competitors, have immense value for Cyber spies. Many organizations believe that the standard method of PGP encryption is sufficient to protect messages sent by email, mobile devices, but it is not always the case.

Always use a VPN connection to connect to the Internet. This makes it difficult to intercept data traffic on the network and reduces vulnerability to malicious programs that can be sent directly in a legitimate application downloaded from the Internet.
Will not upload mobile devices using a USB connected to the computer, because they can be infected with malicious software installed on your PC. It is best to charge your mobile phone directly from the outlet using an AC adapter.
Use an anti-malware program on mobile devices. It has to be the best. It seems that the future of these solutions is the same technology already deployed for the security on the desktop: Default Deny and Whitelisting.

Nuclear energy

The only source of energy that fueled our civilization until this century was solar energy stored as chemical energy through photosynthesis, in renewable sources (wood, water, wind) or fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas ) whose constant training is millions of years.

maxresdefault (1)

We could say, shovel mistakes too much as in terms of energy we were “slaves of the Sun” and it is no wonder that people in ancient times made the Sun one of the main gods of primitive religions.

One of the main problems the solution of which depends on the development of our civilization, the issue is back on the plan of concerns in recent years is providing the energy needed to develop basic activities which conditions progressive evolution of the living standard of the population Globe. Amount of ​​energy consumed by mankind has increased since primitive times so far, 2.5 million times .is obvious that such an increase can not be can not lead to a problem of the energy needed for the future development of mankind .

As I said not long ago I was “slaves of the sun”, but I step towards emancipation was made by physicist Becqerel on February 26. In 1898 when he left some photographic plates exposed to light near a uranium ore. developandu discovers them blackened, as if it were exposed to light Hence, he concluded that uranium emits radiation ore unknown. Together, these three researchers received the Nobel Prize for physics in 1903. Identifying and researching this radiation begins to be interested researchers.

So at the beginning of our century Ruthefort and his pupils, Chadwick Walton Cockfroft and investigated the properties of nuclei using artificially accelerated particles larger than the kinetic energy of the radiation emitted by radioactive substances.

The merger underlies obtaining nuclear energy. This process consists of absorption of a neutron by an atomic nucleus large as that of uranium, which will become unstable. He breaks into several fragments, releasing high heat, which strongly accelerates resulting fragments that reach very high speeds. Due to their high speed, these fragments can penetrate behind fission in turn into other atoms, which cause other fissions.

In 1990 there were 435 nuclear power plants operating acoperind1% of global energy.

In a nuclear reactor heat is obtained by radioactive decay of uranium-235 atoms. This is used to produce steam that moves the turbine rotor, generating electricitate.U-235 is a relatively rare isotope uranium, accounting for only 7% of the total amount of uranium available. The rest is U-238 isotope. An isotope is a form of a chemical element with other isotopes identical but with different atomic mass. Like fossil fuels, uranium 235 will not last forever. There is a certain type of reactor, called reactor “growth” which transforms U-238 into another radioactive element plutonium-239. Pu-239 can be used to generate heat. So far only six countries have built such experimental centers. Of these, nuclear reactor Phenix has the most success. If this type of reactoarear become common, global uranium reserves would reach thousands of years.

Nuclear energy has many advantages. It is economic: one ton U-235 produces give even more power than 12 million barrels of oil. Eate clean during use and do not pollute the atmosphere. Unfortunately there are some drawbacks. Nuclear power plants are very expensive. Produce radioactive waste that must be stored for hundreds of years before becoming harmless. A nuclear accident like the one produced in1986 at the Chernobyl nuclear plant in Ukraine, can contaminate large areas and can cause illness or death of hundreds of people.

In Right research is the discovery of new sources of energy inexhaustible. Some of them are already used.

In 1945, the principle of nuclear fission was used a device of an entirely different nature: the atomic bomb. In this case, the fission reaction is slowed; it is amplified and occurs releasing tremendous energy. The potential of this weapon was realized when on August 6, was released on Hiroshima, causing 150,000 casualties and later on Nagasaki in August PE10, recording and tens of thousands of dead there.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 is the result of a merge between glass block suppliers and other carving techniques, giving a rounded shape that is reflected in a lot of bright and attractive. Galaxy S6 device is different from other sites in the range. These can be uploaded wirelessly, can provide high quality images, with 16 MP rear camera that adapts in all forms of light, and with the front can take photos of 5 MP, offering some extraordinary selves. Additionally the camera comes with an advantage for those who love photos, with the “auto-focus tracking” which keeps the location of the object regardless of his position and his movement. Super AMOLED QHD screen of 5.1 made of Gorilla glass provides an absolutely impressive clarity of images, photos, VCRs, giving the impression of an approximation of reality.


The appearance beautifull, thin way, it measures 13 cm and weighs about 140 grams, also has nano-sim and meaning finger, is available in 4 colors (black, white, blue and gold) is perfect for both women and men.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 battery lasts up to 17 hours, if enabled, 3G, and up to 50 hours with different functions switched on (music or calls).

Also, a touch is enough to connect your Samsung Galaxy S6 Samsung Smart TV to TV BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). The films will “mirror” of your Galaxy S6 on the TV screen and vice versa: the content on the TV can be distributed to your phone.

High security due to security solutions for high-efficiency phone Samsung Galaxy S6: KNOX, a fingerprint reader, and new Smart Manager application allows us to check out of a regard a wide range of useful information about battery status, memory, RAM, security and more.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a device that has attracted millions of people because a smartphone is different from what has been released so far, with a generous screen, curved on both sides. Its body is made entirely of metal and glass fin and powerful (4 Gorilla Glass), a fingerprint reader advanced access to new versions of Android, especially the 16 megapixel camera that offers fantastic photographs. The battery is non-removable and has a much longer duration of life than other devices. It has installed Android 5.1.1 version. So has the latest updates and it works fast and stable. It praised battery charging technology that now allow them to supply 1.5 times faster than other smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is equipped with first 14nm processor 64-bit platform in the world, the most powerful Android phones. Quick Charge function lets you use the battery for 4 hours or receiver to watch two hours of HD video Cottin after just 10 minutes of charging. In addition, the first hardware based codec 1440P / VP9 allow video streaming at higher resolutions with low power consumption. The speaker provides clear sound and a very high volume and high-fidelity microphones were giving a very good audio playback. The sensors, of which the footprint of the Home button works flawlessly at first touch. This new flagship Samsung also offers a sensor for measuring pulse being very discreet, hidden next to the camera flash and uses a visible red LED. There is a sensor for optical analysis and others. Being an advanced and efficient phone can tell you how fast you move when you want to do many things at once or when you want to access information and applications as quickly.

Ultra thin and lightweight phones Samsung Galaxy S6 (6,8mm and 138g) and Galaxy S6 edge (7 mm and 132 g) come equipped with the latest generation processor performance. Mobile processor, the new memory and flash memory LPDDR4 UFS 2.0 provides exceptional performance, increased speed and low power consumption.

Airbus E-Fan

Electric cars were once the most popular topic in technology however currently virtually most are making an attempt to create one, or 1/2 one anyway. currently that land has been additional or less conquered, our attention is turned to the skies. when the solar-powered star Impulse two created its historic Pacific crossing early this month, another electrical plane is creating some noise. This time, it’s French aviation big airliner that’s beaming proud, when its all-electric E-Fan plane example with success created a historic Channel crossing while not incident.

BOR30 MERIGNAC (FRANCIA) 25/04/2014.- El E-Fan, un prototipo de aviÛn elÈctrico producido por el grupo Airbus, es presentado a la prensa en Merignac, en el suroeste de Francia, hoy, viernes 25 de abril de 2014. El aparato completamente elÈctrico est· diseÒado para la preparaciÛn de pilotos. EFE/Caroline Blumberg

BOR30 MERIGNAC (FRANCIA) 25/04/2014.- El E-Fan, un prototipo de aviÛn elÈctrico producido por el grupo Airbus, es presentado a la prensa en Merignac, en el suroeste de Francia, hoy, viernes 25 de abril de 2014. El aparato completamente elÈctrico est· diseÒado para la preparaciÛn de pilotos. EFE/Caroline Blumberg

It hasn’t even been a month since airliner unconcealed the E-Fan. not like the Impulse, this is not supercharged by solar power however is driven utterly by lithium-ion batteries. whereas it will limit the flight period to regarding Associate in Nursing hour, in exchange the E-Fan is ready to realize nearly silent flight and 0 greenhouse emission emissions.

Given those factors, the E-Fan undoubtedly will not be able to reach sensational flights just like the star Impulse, however that produces the achievements of this smaller electrical plane all the additional commendable. PIloted by Didier Esteyne, the plane flew over the Channel, ranging from Lydd in European nation all the thanks to Calais in France, a flight that took seventy four kilometers and thirty six minutes, well underneath the hour limit. HUFFINNGTONPOST

Airbus considers this a historic crossing not as a result of|simply because} of the character of the plane however conjointly because it celebrates an equivalent crossing created by aviator in July 1909. Bleriot’s craft, the flyer XI, became France’s 1st mass made plane, attributable for the French aviation industry’s boom. Naturally, airliner appearance to him as a hero and good example.

The E-Fan may be a runabout plane, therefore do not begin considering eco-friendly tours simply however. It does, however, function the muse of Airbus’ ambitions, that will embody a 100-seater all-electric plane within the terribly distant future.

However, Esteyne’s ending was celebrated underneath a shadow as another French pilot, Hugues Duval, argued that he had already created the trip on Th night.

Speaking regarding the row to the BBC, Esteyne said: “I haven’t got to speak that. we have a tendency to did one thing these days. necessary|it is vital|it is important} to North American nation and that is the foremost important issue.”

The twin-engined plane that created all this attainable, has 2 seats, a 31-foot long distance and a complete engine power of sixty power unit.Esteyne delineated the expertise of flying the plane as being “closer to a sailplane as a result of there’s less noise than Associate in Nursing plane. Also, there’s no vibration in any respect. It’s swish and really quiet.”

The project itself has taken eighteen months from conception to require off, with the plane undergoing a hundred take a look at flights to confirm its readiness.

Prior to the journey, Simon Bradley, head of worldwide innovation network at airliner cluster said:

This is a extremely exciting project for North American nation. it is the 1st time that Associate in Nursing all-electric craft can have flown across English people Channel and mirrors the flight by flyer in 1909.

“We take plenty of inspiration from flyer. In fact, flyer created up one among the primary ever firms that has since become a part of the airliner cluster.

“All of the individuals concerned during this project ar fabulously ablaze and that i hope that in twenty years’ time at the moment can have a marker in our timeline.”

Today’s flight is as vital because the 1st time French pilot aviator flew across the channel in 1908 because it can most definitely facilitate the aviation industry’s quest to maneuver towards exploitation clean energy.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation

Assassin’s Creed Liberation

About Assassin’s Creed HD Liberation – an assassin with three faces

Originally Assassin’s Creed Liberation was a mobile game console PlayStation Vita. If you add a HD at the end of the title, get a PC or console game for older attractive enough. Assassin’s Creed series has had good sales over time, so the producers decided to come up with a new title for adventure gamers. It is noted primarily by the main character who is a female assassin. It can disguise the three kept, thus having different approaches to different situations.

Assassin’s Creed is without doubt one of the most successful franchises launched in recent times and as a result the games in this series are sold regardless of the platform on which they are launched. But “why limit ourselves to a single platform and therefore portable” said company officials likely Ubisoft. Thus, staged a re-mastered version of Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, a game that was originally released on the PlayStation Vita portable console. And was born Assassin’s Creed: Liberation HD.

What is the most interesting aspect of this game? Liberation is the first title in the Assassin’s Creed series whose main character is a woman. Aveline by Grandpre, for such a name, is a woman of noble origins from European and African father from his mother natural, which is neither more nor less than a slave. The game takes place around the time of Assassin’s Creed III in 1765-1777 and the action takes place in Louisiana – a perfect combination to present a tumultuous situation, full of conflict, due to the historical events of that period. 185f1evjdq69ojpg

Thanks Aveline atypical origins, it has some great advantages in her career killer. This is because race and social status contradict current when the protagonist, so when she goes out on the streets may decide to disguise or a matron, or a slave. A third possibility is to disguise assassin.

Cloaking is not only aesthetic, but have a major effect on gameplay. As a lady, Aveline can seduce guards to come after it wherever it will lead them, they became practically an entry card secured area. But as with every advantage comes a disadvantage when a lady, Aveline has reduced mobility and can not fight or climb. Instead, you can use as a weapon arrows quite effective, at least until later in the game when arsenal further diversify less.

History of Technology 20

History of Technology 20

Hard Disk

08sHistory of Technology 20.Long-term memory is the part where they are stored ideas and even if you do not need them right away, you should know (eg number of shoes, no. Of phone etc). In computers, this kind of “memory” is called hard disk. The hard drive stores all user installed programs, and numerous file formats, multimedia (video, audio), documents, etc.

Hard disks are some “boxes” sealed, and comes back with a circuit with various electrical components. A hard drive connects to the motherboard of the computer through a communication interface. Hard drives running on magnetism.


The principle is simple. Some materials become magnetized under the influence of a magnetic field. Once magnetized material, remember that magnetic field.

The key of memory and magnetism is permanent. Magnetic fields have a great capacity to be static and semi-permanent. Do not move and do not change by themselves. Electricity used in electronic circuits is the opposite. We continuously search for ways to electricity dissipates, being constantly on the move. The difference is fundamental. Magnetic fields are made of atomuri spins locked into place. Electrical charge is carried by mobile particles – mostly electrons – which refuses to stand still.

Given the right amount and the right strength, can spin magnetic sites upset, and can change their orientation. Since magnetic fields may change and are not permanent magnetism is suitable for data storage.

A magnetic force that change is another magnetic field. Despite the different behavior in electronics and storage systems, magnetism and electricity are manifestations of the same elemental forces. Both are an electromagnetic phenomenon.

virtual memory

Right from the beginning computers to plan an exchange between computer memory and storage devices hardware. Memory was expensive that even the largest corporations could not afford to have as much as needed. Engineers have tried so memory prices fall, “faking it”, making believe that computers have more memory than they. With numerous sketches and games to bits, they used a certain percentage of storage space (on your hard drive) memory, called virtual memory because there physically.

Microprocessors can not use the storage space (HDD) for working with data. Even if they could, would drop drastically system performance due to too high access time, hundreds of times higher than for ROM type memory. For better performance, the data blocks are exchanged between ROM and virtual memory, the first being loaded only data blocks required for running the software used at that time.


Computers can connect to networks, they can be attached peripherals, printers, scanners, cameras, etc. Because of the connection capabilities and can connect any hardware through the gates of entry / exit. With computer modem or network card can connect via Internet to any other computer in the world.

Computers communicate with peripherals located in the housing ineriorul bus. The capabilities of a computer can be increased by attaching the components are inserted into slots on the motherboard. Depending on the design of your computer, it may contain a different number of slots where you can install a video card (for input – TV tuner – or output – to connect to a TV), audio, network card, modem, and so on


Interfaces provide a communication channel that allows the computer to exchange information with many types of devices, including storage devices. Interface “translate” the computer signals into a form suitable for travel outside the system (motherboard). These interfaces are listed and ATA (commonly called IDE) or SCSI, SATA, etc., used to connect any hard drives or optical drives.

Nikola Tesla 5

Nikola Tesla 5
For nine months Tesla continued the series of experiments. Amazing inventor discovered the resonant frequency of the earth and managed to produce the first artificial earthquake. Ela oscillator placed in the ground at the same frequency which resonated with Earth. Only after almost a century, science was able to prove the truth of this theory. Filling made by Tesla is absolutely amazing today: between war and earthquakes there is a direct link.


Mining explosives, torpedoes, rockets, not to mention nuclear experiments, develops huge reactive forces that propagate across the globe. Their effect can be multiplied tremendously resonance. “The combined action of any kind can cause explosions tectonic movements in any part of the globe, and a disastrous earthquake in Italy may be the result of an explosion in France.

The fact that man can produce such convulsion of the earth can not be questioned. Depends if he does a good or bad end. “(Nicholas Tesla). That leads me to the wave of earthquakes, floods, tornadoes that hit the earth lately. I would add: yes people, unconsciousness, can destroy the earth.
Also in Colorado, Tesla perceived a repeated signal from space, supporting the existence of other civilizations in space. It would be virtually impossible for the billions of planets, only one is inhabited: the Earth. For these statements was ridiculed in the press.
When he returned to New York from Colorado Spring, wrote an article for the magazine sensational Century Magazine. In this detailed and futuristic vision he described a means of tapping solar energy using an antenna. He suggested that the weather could be controlled with electricity. He talked about cars that would make war impossible. And proposed a global wireless communication. For most people these ideas were practical beînţeles but Tesla could not be underestimated.

The article attracted the attention of one of the most influential people, JP Morgan. A frequent guest in the house of Morgan, Tesla proposed a scheme that looked like a science-fiction “global system” wireless communication to transmit telephone messages across the ocean; to transmit news, music, stock market reports, private messages, secure military communications, and tranmitere image in any corner of the world. “When Wireless is widely applied, the earth will be transformed into a huge brain, capable of responding to any corner of his” Tesla said Morgan.
Morgan gave Tesla 150,000 to build a transmission tower and power plant. A sum Realis was 1,000,000, but Tesla accepted and began work immediately, but the tower of his dreams could not be realized for Tesla lost the funding Morgan investor wanting immediate results.
Tesla “always brilliant mystic”

The jobs of the future 3

The jobs of the future 3
In the UK, companies like Google and Microsoft advocates the introduction of programming in schools. “It is necessary to provide our children with the skills necessary to understand computers if they want to compete for jobs in the future,” said Alex Hope, co-author of the report Next Gen, which offers several arguments in favor of introducing programming in schools.

An example of “future work” is provided by Apple and devices that the American company has marketed the past 5 years: iPhone and iPad. Since its launch, the general public has developed over one million applications running on these devices, giving rise to the phenomenon called “the app economy”. A recent report estimated that “The App Economy” – activity associated application development for iPhone and iPad – has created 466,000 jobs in the US. In 2007, when the iPhone was launched, the number of jobs within “The App Economy” was zero.
As the world becomes more connected, and the devices becoming smarter, post-industrial economy will provide more and more opportunities. An evolving field is the “data mining community,” the huge amount of data generated by electronic devices becoming more widespread is managed and interpreted with the help of statisticians, specialists in computer science and scientists. For this reason, many experts have called the current decade as was “Big Data”. Those who have the necessary skills will thrive, but for those who refuse to adapt to changing uncertain future promises. Brian David Johnson, futurist Intel offers concludes: “Do not let the future happen to you. Move! “.
Robots that come into our bodies
A team of researchers from Italy working to create a single robotic system that will have the ability to perform non-invasive surgery.

“The robot enters the patient’s body through the umbilicus. First is inserted capsule which are subsequently introduced two robotic arms. Once in the patient, the robot will be controlled by surgeons, “said Gianluigi Petroni, one of the engineers of the Institute of BioRobot SSSA.
To assist the surgeon, the robot transmits 3D images inside the patient. Thus, it can be made non-invasive surgery delicate and difficult to reach parts of the body without creating visible scars.
Now, scientists hope that, before long, the robot is ready for commercialization. However, to reach that point, scientists must find a method to sterilize the motor unit. Moreover, you will need to find a solution by which construction machine cost less. “Reducing the robot will require smaller engines that will use less energy. On the other hand, we need the machine to have some power to move within the patient. Solving this problem will be a huge challenge, “added Petroni.
However, researchers in Europe are not satisfied with robots assisting surgeons. They are robots that can perform surgery independently.
In a laboratory in Verona, a group of researchers believes that intelligent robots may be able to take some medical interventions such as biopsies, and suturing incisions. An example is a robotic arm, created by the experts of the University of Verona, which has the ability to make punctures in the patient’s abdomen in order to identify the existence of kidney tumors.
In addition to information obtained from surgeons, specialists and use computer simulations in order to create programs that robots “learn” to perform surgery.
“A surgeon, a man can not always have the same perception or the same accuracy as a surgical system equipped with sensors. Therefore, an autonomous robot could. Finally, the execution of surgical techniques while gathering accurate data, “said Paolo Fiorini, project coordinator at the University of Verona.

History of Technology

History of Technology 3

Accelerated development of technology
figure4631In subsequent years, technology has advanced greatly. Progress in the last 200 years has grown exponentially, both technological and social or cultural. At December 20, 1951 was generated energy for the first time by a nuclear reactor, producing about 100 kW.
The computer has revolutionized the world, with applications in almost all areas. One of the most important inventions of the last century was the World Wide Web in 1990.
In the 20th century developed communication technology, transport and technology has improved implementation of the scientific method. Education and she reached an unprecedented level. During the two world wars, due to the need of weapons and more advanced technology, invented radar, radio, which then paved the way for today by phone, fax, and various storage devices based on magnetica.Recent band, appeared scientific research new areas such as biotechnology. Research continues in areas such as quantum computing, nanotechnology, bioengineering, nuclear fusion and superconductivity. Understanding particle physics could be performed using the Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator – the largest scientific experiment in the world.
In astronomy, telescopes help us look to other galaxies, but the man was not satisfied with just that. In July 20, 1969, the first man walked on the moon. Space missions continued in the coming years, being made a further 5 manned missions have landed. Although maybe later than expected, the man plans to reach Mars in 2030. This year Atlas V rocket was launched carrying the rover Curiosity to Mars, which will prepare the ground for future manned missions. Curiosity is not aimed primarily detect life forms on Mars, but will investigate whether the Red Planet may provide or have provided in the past an environment in which life could have developed climate and geological analyzes. Curiosity will also provide data that will prepare future manned Mars missions.
technological Singularity
The term was borrowed from the physical singularity. A good example is a black hole; We can not what is inside them, we can not penetrate beyond the Schwarzschild radius and the laws of physics no longer apply here. And the universe was formed from such a singularity, where space and time were compressed to infinity. In mathematics, the singularity is where an equation or surface degenerates or disappears.
Technological singularity is a concept of futurology which refers to the implications in general has really accelerated scientific and technical progress for the human species.
John von Neumann spoke in an interview in 1958 about the fact that scientific and technical progress accelerated bode kind of singularity, beyond which life and the world as we know it can not exist.
In 1965, IJ Good introduce the idea of intelligence explosion that is now included in the concept of technological singularity.
Moore’s Law says that in about 20-30 years computers will exceed the computing power of the human brain, which is of the order of 1014 operations per second. The human brain has 100 billion neurons with each neuron connections 1000 with 200 operations per second for each connection.
Ray Kurzweil, in his “Law of Accelerating Returns”, concludes that the emergence of the universe, and especially the emergence of life on Earth, evolution occurred exponentially, or even double exponential, not linear.
Extrapolating Moore’s Law, Kurzweil assumed that in the 100 years of the twenty-first century will witness an evolution comparable to previous 20,000 years, if you maintain exponential curve. This is because once computers will exceed human brain performance, they will be able to improve themselves, keeping pace exponential growth of computing speed. The result will be as scientific and technical progress will experience an acceleration of increasingly high. Those computers will eventually be able to decipher almost all the secrets of the universe.
Such advancement leads to almost unimaginable events for our species. But even people who lived hundreds of years ago believed not hear or see a person on the other side of the globe and many other features that we have today.
Intelligence fusion between biological and non-biological immortality will lead to people close to the high levels of superintelligent that spread throughout the universe. For this reason it is used the term “singularity” human species has no way to understand what will follow, as no bacteria can not understand what a man. So great will be scientific and technical progress.

History of Technology 12

History of Technology 12
Some researchers have worked hard to make robots and flying insects, trying to make them intelligent, others returned from sketches improving mechanical and aerodynamic how to fly. By copying the structure of an insect body, they realized the mechanical insects can fly and avoid objects only “smart” sensors and an electric motor. In other words, the engineers found that the answer lies in design.
Comparing the power of 12 neurons in a brain of an insect with the power of a computer, it becomes a question of design. The insect is made to eat garbage and to bazaii around us is made to make computer tasks in our place to save us precious time. Any comparison between an insect and a computer is not “fair play”. As the insect body is designed to fly, and so the computers will be designed to think, to realize an intelligent machines.
The computer is obsoleted or other things that go flying, but insects can fly will not help to solve puzzles.
Starting from this perspective, we can begin to see the problems of comparison between computer and human intelligence. Although sometimes, man and computer can solve the same problems, or they may face. An example is the game of chess. One can venture into an African jungle, while the computer sits and rests. A computer monitor can make a green pixel 7:45 on August 15, 2012 while you do not even bother to get up for the event.
Computers earn their place as can be calculated much faster and can remember better. Even the most complex computer applications (video games, digital animation, photo editors, etc) are all based on these two capabilities.
While man takes minutes to even think what to choose between chocolate and vanilla, the computer may take such decisions billion in a second.

Without a doubt, some of us follow instructions better than others. Computers follow instructions exactly. In this area, PCs are better than us. They will carefully step by step list of instructions, but this does not make them smarter than us. But if we follow a list of instructions for tens of thousands of lines sure we have problems.
Computers have an excellent memory. But unlike humans, computer memory is not relational. If we try to remember the name of an old friend, we search the list of names known in a certain order. But if we remember that his friend had big ears, the name might “appear” in the mind of the blue. This is because the friend’s name is stored with a characteristic element of the person.
Computer memory is permanent and accurate. A computer needs to know exactly what they are looking to find. For example, you may find a bill in 2000 after various values that are in it, but can not remember the name of the friend feature on the ears.
On the other hand, man has zero chance to remind the value of that invoice and 10 years ago.
Now that we observed differences between a human and a computer, the computer can understand and should behave like a computer. I want that data from a company placed in computer databases to be changed by them, or to have self-awareness, to become like men.
Lack of artificial intelligence computer in to be a wonderful tool with which you can work. Man and machine can work together, complementing each other. Reaching the above mentioned example of the insect, the computer is designed to process information exactly as we want, not to become human, to have self-consciousness and thinking.
If we want to realize intelligent robots probably should go back to sketches. The computer is made to be a calculating, not an artificial intelligence support. Yet, it can. It’s all about design …

Tips You Could Use While Playing ‘Diablo III’ On PlayStation 4

Tips You Could Use While Playing ‘Diablo III’ On PlayStation 4

Diablo III is a fairly popular game on the PlayStation 4 platform. The game isn’t too hard but a few tips and tricks have never harmed any gamer. If anything, knowing a few tricks or tips would only better your gaming experience.



Here are some tips you could use while playing Diablo III on PlayStation 4.

  • You should get a little accustomed with the two previous versions of Diablo. You don’t have to necessarily play those games. You can read about them online. Diablo III can be played as a standalone game. You don’t need a sneak peek into the past or a flashback but if you know a fair bit or even a little bit about those games, then your experience would be a tad better.
  • If you wish to get the maximum entertainment while playing Diablo III, then you must have a good pair of earphones, headphones or speakers. Diablo has always had some amazing sound design and this version is no different.
  • Among the five character classes that you get to choose from, don’t opt for any one and go on with it. Instead, try out all the different character classes and then you can decide after playing a few levels if you like the Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor or Wizard. It may so happen that you end up liking more than one, all of them or just one that you had thought of getting started with in the first place. Instead of allowing your instincts to take all the calls, it will be worthwhile to try them all out.

  • When there are maps in any game, gamers tend to focus on only those parts of the map that are most obviously revealed or displayed at a specific stage in the game. Seldom do we explore other parts of the map unless it is made mandatory within the game. While playing Diablo III, you should get accustomed to the map. Know what’s where and explore every nook and corner of the areas that are accessible. The game is loaded with treasures and secrets that can help you along the way. You will not be able to know them all or even get close to them if you don’t know the map or if you don’t explore the map and thus the area well.
  • Some other tips to play Diablo III is to avoid discarding anything that you come across, to get on with crafting as soon as you can, play with your friends and don’t keep playing the game endlessly even if you get addicted to the interactive entertainment.

Ps3 emulator

There is a method by which these games can be played without using the console. The program that I present today is called vil PSN code generator, it has many features that will help you buy and play them for free without buying the console. The first thing you need to do is log on to the website that you left lam above and click PSN code generator. Once you have done this opens forbid that helps you install sn code generator in your device and can generate codes to purchase games for free. These games you can install on your ps and then you can open them with replacement console program.


Advanced technology what’s worth trying

Advanced technology what’s worth trying.


At first, when appeared the technology it was surprising, people have started to catch the taste of technology and began to move forward in this, they built various useful machines in the laboratories, institutions and even households as their use to be very effective.

But now, in present, already no longer glance surprising technology development, and no longer surprising fact that the technology came into our lives and we replace some things. In everyday we use various devices and gadgets. Some of them, in theory, should alleviate the way of life.

Some of the most used technologies ( the ones that we use on a daily basis) are:

  • The personal computer : we allow you to access various programs, to access the Internet anywhere in the world.
  • The mobile phone : offers the possibility to contact people at various distances, but now with the new investment gives us the opportunity to connect to the internet.
  • The TV: the oldest technology but still in development , it gives us information about the happenings around the world via media ( through the journal news)

The technology does not mean only those objects, nowadays has become very advanced managing to be very close to the population. The most interesting category of devices is “ the wearable” . this category includes not only mobile phone it includes a range of devices.

Because I have already sparked curiosity I will tell you some technologists that are easy to wear in everyday life and worth trying.

  • Google Glass : the glasses made by Google are no longer a novelty but worth the mention. They spent a lot of time in the center of attention ever since they began to be launch. Have the ability to make photographers, create videos and provides a database with maps, the first version had cost 1500 $, but the final price is not known yet.



  • The Pebble : it is a simple watch, equipped with several mechanisms knowing to do more things.

He announces on user when it was called, when he received the message but how is a clock, evidently indicates the exact time. It has a built-in GPS that help in space and orientation to navigation and it is very compatible with the Android, iOS with a price tag of 150 $.


  • Open Go : it is a small device used by athletes who are in recovery workout recovery workout ( put in shoes). This products is equipped with a Flash Driver, a housing and an operating program. The price is on request only ( because there is no public).




  • ( for people passionate about physical education and health), it is represented by a tattoo to measure the level of lactic acid in sweat , being a permanent tattoo may help to design your body. The information measured from it are sent to the internet where is the balance of electrolyte but the overall level of hydration in your body.



Using Money to Buy Gems in Clash of Clans

 Using Money to Buy Gems in Clash of Clans

In game purchases is a thorny subject, which typically splits into two groups.  There are those who defend in game purchases, and those who are against it.  Both stances are valid, and have their own reasons for being a part of the game.

Clash of Clans -

Clash of Clans is no different.  Clash of Clans is one of the most popular strategy games on mobile devices, earning a great deal of money as a result.  Though Clash of Clans is free to play, the in game gem purchasing system requires cash for a quick reward.  The question is if this practice is fair to other players or not.  Lets take a moment to consider the problem from both sides.

Pro In Game Gem Purchases


When people ask how to get Clash of Clans gems, the one way that everyone knows about is by buying them.  Super Cell, the company that created Clash of Clans, allows for players to spend real money to buy in game gems.  So why is this a pro?


Well first, there is the Super Cell company.  The Super Cell company is not making anything off of giving the game away for free.  In addition, there are the costs of paying people who work in the company, as well as providing every player with a dedicated server and updates.  All of these add up and can cost a great deal of money.  In game purchases pay for this.


The second reason why people like in game gem purchases is because many people don’t have the time to fully commit to the game, but still want to be competitive.  In this way, time and money can both be seen as resources.  Those who do not have money have time, and those who do not have time have money.  In the end, it is seen as a way to equalize the playing field.


 Clash of clans hack

Con in Game Gem Purchases


Every player knows that there is more then one way how to get Clash of Clans gems.  Many players see gem purchases as a means for the rich to use money to win unfairly.  Those people with both time and money can dominate in the game because they are willing to invest both cash and time into it.  In addition, this is seen as cheapening the competitive edge of the game, when people can simply buy their way into a stronger role.


AMOLED and LCD screens

                                                AMOLED and LCD screens


Any phone user they find one with a good screen but this is harder then when there done several models and better qualities. In modern market appeared different phones with or without touch from different companies, but, to the touch there are many difficulties in choosing your phone, one of which is linked to its screen. Now there were screen AMOLED and LCD becoming the most popular in the worl of touch phones.

For example: HTC uses an LCD screen and Samsung besides the fact that utilizes the AMOLED screen is the company producing it. But, the majority of people are asking : What is the difference between them? Who offering the best brightness? Which is the best?

I will talk a little bit about each and in the end we will see which is better.

The screen AMOLED

Is defined as an array that provides brightness. Its screen add a semiconductor film somewhere behind the OLED system allowing for rapid activation of each pixel. It has a high speed who helps to be ideal for most screens of cell phones having a quality that allows to display more pixels. Researchers say that AMOLED screens are much better that the LCD screens.

It offers a better contrast due to the fact that the brightness comes from each pixel separately ( not from a single panel of light – how to find in other types of screens). When you must use the color black the screen stops its pixels featuring natural color black. Used a wide range of colors, can display many colors but it can cause certain images ( those who seem vibrant).

Another advantage take of large angles from which we can look ( can be transparent or flexible) ideal for devices they have a slight curvature, as for example cell phones Samsung Galaxy Round.

A touch screen AMOLED of Samsung has the sensitivity integrated directly into the screen. The result is a thinner screen, easier and that consume less energy.

The Samsung phones that use this type of screen is the range Samsung Galaxy S but one who has a more complex usage is Samsung Galaxy S5.

Super AMOLED display has a resolution of 720×1280 pixels and Full HD Super AMOLED has a resolution Full HD of 1080×1920 pixels.


The screen LCD

Compared to other screens it has brightness coming from a panel lighting and the entire screen is lit in a certain measure, there are times when good brightness does not in all parts of the screen.

These displays use liquid crystals, they allow more or less light but unlike the AMOLED they don’t offer a natural color black ( because the backlight remains lit constantly).

These screens shows a blank space between the bottle and display element. The power consumption is low when displayed with bright colors making it ideal for surfing the internet (when the white page appears).

The complications appears when you see that there are several variants of LCD screen, namely: Super LCD2 and Super LCD3 being an improvement of LCD.





HBO go on smart tv

HBO go on smart tv. Although this technology is relatively new, is therefore not exempt from smaller or larger problems regardless of manufacturer, to purchase a smart TV has several advantages for end users, especially for those passionate about the internet. By using a device with such a technology, the TV is no longer a simple “box” that gives you access to a number of TV channels that depend exclusively on your cable operator offer, but rather a intelligent terminal with access to a significant range more varied of services. A Smart TV is a LED TV with functions to connect to the Internet via a wireless network. With such a smart TV you can navigate in a browser on your favorite sites, to use various applications similar in concept to those on smartphones and have access to various services such as VOD (video-on-demand), such as the subscription to HBO GO. In addition, smart TVs allow you to watch your own multimedia content from USB drives or external HDDs.


Therefore, you can consider Smart TV as significantly larger screen version of a smartphone or a tablet, except that, for now, the technology has not came to a level of development as high as for mobile platforms.

Basically, once you have accessed the Smart TV menu, a smart TV offers a homescreen where you can access various applications or you can enter into settings. The interface follows an similar principle of smartphones, but manufacturers have opted for their own designs, so sometimes the differences can be quite large.

As I said, the access to services and applications is the main advantage of a Smart TV. Unfortunately, the offer of applications is quite rudimentary, since the number of developers is quite low, and their offered options are relatively limited.

Applications for Samsung Smart TVs

In the light of experience in the field of smartphones, Samsung is the manufacturer with the most generous offers Smart TV’s and has developed its own ecosystem of applications, which is also the richest.

There are social media applications for Facebook, Twitter or Skype, those for YouTube and Dailymotion, EuroNews or BBC News publications and other useful applications like AccuWeather.

Applications for LG, Philips, Toshiba and Panasonic Smart TVs

Meanwhile, faced with the inability to quickly develop individually applications, LG, Toshiba and TV Vision (Chinese manufacturer that bought the division of Philips TVs) have formed a common platform for applications through an agreement dubbed Smart TV Alliance.

Panasonic subsequently joined the alliance, while Samsung has preferred to develop their own platform and did not join the organization.

The advantage is that a Smart TV application developed on this platform will be available simultaneously on any LG, Philips, Toshiba and Panasonic Smart TV.

Unfortunately, the selection of applications is more modest than the Samsung platform and includes a few basic applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other apps for weather scores live football matches, news and other entertainment .


Propeller life

Propeller life

The greatest scientific discovery of the twentieth century.

One day in February of 1953, two scientists working at Cambridge University – one British, the other American – entered triumphant into a place called “Eagle”, saying it had discovered the “secret of life”. News seemed too large to be announced at the bodega, but it was university life at Cambridge in the 50s, and those present were all scientists who understand the importance of such news. The news was indeed extraordinary: Francis Crick and James Watson discovered the structure of DNA molecule – the famous “double helix” – achievement regarded as one of the most important scientific victories of all time.

Propeller life



So we became familiar image of the DNA double helix – represented on the covers of biology textbooks at school and covers almost all the books is about genetics – that it seems a thing known as the world. But it’s only been 60 years – this year marks – since this scientific mystery has been solved – the structure of the DNA molecule – a long time a sort of “holy grail” of research of biochemistry.

A long scientific controversy, a battle of ideas for years preceding the discovery of this embodiment, and the success was built, step by step, the prior knowledge of chemistry, biology and physics, through errors, disputes, disappointments to reach Finally, the apotheosis: moment of glory when Francis Crick and James Watson and realized that her image model meets all requirements and can be considered as an accurate, truthful, structure of nucleic acids. The year was 1953.

Of course, these two are not the only ones who have toiled to achieve this success. These two are the ones putting together the information obtained so far through their own research, plus data from the decades of study, scientists from the two continents were brilliant intuition of how these data are combined to create the correct model. It would be many who, without necessarily looking to learn the structure of DNA contributed by their studies of chemistry, biology and physics, the basic data gathering. Others have been trying to find that even the DNA and models have been proposed, but they have proved erroneous. Just write the history of science.

However, in addition to James Watson and Francis Crick, who conducted the research at the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge, who contributed most to success through their research, Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind were Franklin, who worked, the period at King’s College London. These four scholars are those who are due in the most part, the merit of being unraveled the mystery of biology. Moreover, Maurice Wilkins to Crick and Watson shared the Nobel Prize for Medicine / Physiology, awarded in 1962 for this discovery. Rosalind Franklin, who contributed to the success, not part of the winners in a simple and tragic reason he died before the award in 1958 at the age of 37, as a result of cancer.


Of the four major scientists involved in discovering the structure of DNA, James Watson is just daily life. Has 84 years. After the discovery of the structure of nucleic acids, returned to the USA and worked in several institutions dealing with research in the field of genetics, which opened at the age of 25 years or a road so full of promise. Among other things, led for two years, the Human Genome Project, is the second person who has been completely sequenced genome. It is one of the deans of molecular genetics and likely genetic handled more than any other scientist working in this field today.

Many of the details of the history of the discovery of the double helix anecdotal (and he launched this term to describe the structure of DNA) are known from the book written by him and published in 1968: The Double Helix: A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA (published in our 1970 title propeller life), a personal story – of course, subjective, but no less important – the sequence of events that led to the discovery of DNA structure and context in which it occurred. Life in Cambridge academic concerns – personal and professional – of scientists who worked there, and the battle of ideas between those involved in deciphering the structure of DNA are captured alive and often funny, though the book was and criticized for some accents discriminatory – especially at Rosalind Franklin’s – as an expression of sexism that prevailed at the time the Anglo-Saxon academia.

Race Patent and extraordinary investment in graphene

Race Patent and extraordinary investment in graphene

Great potential of graphene has stimulated governments and organizations around the world to invest significant amounts in research on this material, the desire not to miss “graphene revolution”. Professor Andre Geim estimated that there are annually spending more than a billion dollars in the research of material miracle. The discovery of graphene has led to a veritable “patent race” carried by companies, universities and other research institutions. An analysis done by the organization CambridgeIP shows that out of 7,351 patent applications related to graphene recorded during 2012, 2,204 patents came from China, USA 1754 and 1160 in South Korea. Among the companies with the most patents include Samsung, with 407, and IBM, with 134 However, Europe continues to play a key role in the development of graphene. “Europe has not been as aggressive in the U.S., but here are its most important research in the field,” said Luigi Colombo, an expert in graphene, the Financial Times.

UK wants to be the center of research on graphene, which is why the island government has decided to spend 61 million pounds to create “National Graphene Institute”, a national research center to be opened in Manchester in 2015 the University Manchester announces that it intends that this institute to be “the world leader in research on graphene”. Neither Cambridge University was simply outdone, announcing it would open Cambridge Graphene Centre, they will be invested 30 million pounds.

Recently, the European Union has announced plans to fund a billion euros a project dedicated to graphene and its potential uses to be co-ordinated by Professor Jari Kinaret Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. “You see this huge fund as a way to encourage companies to be more involved in the efforts of European universities,” says Andre Geim.

European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes, said that “the story of graphene shows that there are still amazing things in science. The discovery of this material was like a miracle. “”From the material found with a pen tip and an adhesive tape today graphene is about to give birth to a new industry,” said Kroes.

Kroes believes that this material will play a tremendous role in the development of the European continent in the coming decades. Therefore, the European official has released a comparison with the famous Silicon Valley (“Valley of Si”), California region in which it operates many successful companies in technology (including Apple, Facebook or Google). “You’ve heard of Silicon Valley? Europe wants to be known as the “Graphene Valley ‘” Kroes said at the announcement made by European officials about investments in research on graphene. Researchers expect in future graphene replace silicon in many areas.

Nokia is one of the 74 European companies that form the Graphene Flagship Consortium, which will go towards funding of 1 billion euro provided by the European Union. The Finnish company working projects include a phone easier and extremely durable, not hot. Jani Kivioja, one of the researchers from Nokia Research Center, explains the widespread enthusiasm for this extraordinary material: “I started working with graphene in 2006 and since then we have identified several areas where we could use. However, I think the most important discoveries have not yet occurred. We have reached a critical threshold, but graphene revolution starts now. Industrial Revolution took place after I learned to produce low-cost iron. Then we had was silicon. Now the graphene “.

Professor Geim tempers high expectations that people have from graphene, saying “usually requires a period of approximately 40 years after the discovery of a new material to its use in products for the general public. Think of polymers: it took something from their discovery until the plastic has become ubiquitous in our lives. “One thing seems certain: Graphene will play a tremendous role in the technological development that will characterize the XXIst century, revolutionizing the most important areas.

Graphene – a revolutionary material

Graphene – a revolutionary material

In 2010, two researchers at the University of Manchester became Nobel laureates discovery of a “miracle material” graphene, the thinnest of all materials in the universe. Since the identification of this material until today, scientists from different fields have found many uses of this versatile material that has the potential to transform our lives in the coming decades.


What is graphene?


Graphene is composed of carbon, as diamond and coal. Unlike these materials, carbon atoms forming graphene are placed in “strips” two dimensional, making the material extremely resistant and also flexible.

Graphene is the thinnest material identified so far – a “sheet” of graphene is only one atom thick, which is why scientists say it is the first 2D material identified by mankind. Graphene is a better electrical conductor than copper, while being 300 times stronger than steel and with unique optical properties. Also, although it is almost transparent, graphene is so dense that even helium, the smallest gas atom, can pass through it.

Andre Geim method and Kostya Novoselov who have obtained graphene is extremely simple: two researchers from the University of Manchester have tape applied over a piece of graphite, detaching from it by peeling tape graphite flakes. Using other pieces of tape, they cut out layers of graphite, thinning flakes. Then, the tape was dissolved in acetone, and the resulting graphite layer bonded to a silicon wafer. Some flakes, measuring just one atom thick, were attached to the silicon wafer.

Graphite is best known as the material is mine pencil factory, which consists of carbon layers stacked. Researchers estimate that a millimeter of graphite consists of about three million layers of graphene. Pencils produce a black streak when writing them as friction leads to detachment of graphite flakes. Therefore, Professor Geim says it is likely that everyone who ever wrote with a pencil to be produced graphene, but without noticing the result.

How graphene could be used?

“Superior properties of graphene justifies nickname ‘miracle material’,” Kostya Novoselov believes teacher who first isolated this material in 2004 with Andre Geim, University of Manchester.


Extraordinary features of graphene make it possible to use in many areas. Professor Geim believes that it is impossible to identify the most promising change that can cause. “The range of possible applications is so vast and is growing at such a rate as to focus on one would be to underestimate the extent of ongoing scientific effort,” said Nobel laureate.


In electronics, graphene could be used to produce ultrafast transistors, flexible displays and LEDs. Material could enhance the effectiveness of laser and photodetector and could transform energy production and storage, helping to change many devices such as batteries and solar cells. Also, the use of graphene in composite materials allow better airplane wing structure, which would reduce their weight. In medicine, graphene could be used for the design of artificial tissues and hold to transport drugs to tissue needs them.


“The screens of the touch screen as the conductive element that graphene can be printed on very thin plastic instead of glass, so that it is light and flexible. Mobile phones could be as thin as a sheet of paper is so easy to doubt that it would enter into any pocket. Due to the extraordinary strength of graphene, these phones would be very hard to break, “explains specialists American Chemical Society.

The graphene may allow the design of lighter and flexible solar panels, which may cover all the outer surfaces of a building, not only the roof. Graphene absorbs only 2% of the light that reaches it, regardless of the wavelength. It is also a very good electrical conductor. Thus, if a photovoltaic cell is placed between two layers of graphene, the light would reach transit graphene and photovoltaic cell. This would generate electricity, which would be transported using graphene layers. The combination would allow the creation of flexible solar panels that can be used in many ways: in cars, clothes, bags, electronic devices or any other surface touched by light. So, thanks to graphene, solar energy could become much easier to use and more widespread than we might imagine today.


Medicine is another field that promises to be converted graphene. Because the material is thin, flexible and resistant to salt solutions forming living tissue, graphene is an ideal material for designing bionic devices. Unlike metallic elements that resist the human body a few years, graphene devices can be used throughout life. Also, because graphene is electrically conductive, it could be used to transmit electrical impulses to neurons, allowing paralyzed people to regain control of the limb after an accident resulting in spinal cord injury. The same mechanism could be used to allow controlling artificial limbs using graphene to transmit electrical signals to the engines they put them in motion.