Advanced technology what’s worth trying

Advanced technology what’s worth trying.


At first, when appeared the technology it was surprising, people have started to catch the taste of technology and began to move forward in this, they built various useful machines in the laboratories, institutions and even households as their use to be very effective.

But now, in present, already no longer glance surprising technology development, and no longer surprising fact that the technology came into our lives and we replace some things. In everyday we use various devices and gadgets. Some of them, in theory, should alleviate the way of life.

Some of the most used technologies ( the ones that we use on a daily basis) are:

  • The personal computer : we allow you to access various programs, to access the Internet anywhere in the world.
  • The mobile phone : offers the possibility to contact people at various distances, but now with the new investment gives us the opportunity to connect to the internet.
  • The TV: the oldest technology but still in development , it gives us information about the happenings around the world via media ( through the journal news)

The technology does not mean only those objects, nowadays has become very advanced managing to be very close to the population. The most interesting category of devices is “ the wearable” . this category includes not only mobile phone it includes a range of devices.

Because I have already sparked curiosity I will tell you some technologists that are easy to wear in everyday life and worth trying.

  • Google Glass : the glasses made by Google are no longer a novelty but worth the mention. They spent a lot of time in the center of attention ever since they began to be launch. Have the ability to make photographers, create videos and provides a database with maps, the first version had cost 1500 $, but the final price is not known yet.



  • The Pebble : it is a simple watch, equipped with several mechanisms knowing to do more things.

He announces on user when it was called, when he received the message but how is a clock, evidently indicates the exact time. It has a built-in GPS that help in space and orientation to navigation and it is very compatible with the Android, iOS with a price tag of 150 $.


  • Open Go : it is a small device used by athletes who are in recovery workout recovery workout ( put in shoes). This products is equipped with a Flash Driver, a housing and an operating program. The price is on request only ( because there is no public).




  • ( for people passionate about physical education and health), it is represented by a tattoo to measure the level of lactic acid in sweat , being a permanent tattoo may help to design your body. The information measured from it are sent to the internet where is the balance of electrolyte but the overall level of hydration in your body.