AMOLED and LCD screens

                                                AMOLED and LCD screens


Any phone user they find one with a good screen but this is harder then when there done several models and better qualities. In modern market appeared different phones with or without touch from different companies, but, to the touch there are many difficulties in choosing your phone, one of which is linked to its screen. Now there were screen AMOLED and LCD becoming the most popular in the worl of touch phones.

For example: HTC uses an LCD screen and Samsung besides the fact that utilizes the AMOLED screen is the company producing it. But, the majority of people are asking : What is the difference between them? Who offering the best brightness? Which is the best?

I will talk a little bit about each and in the end we will see which is better.

The screen AMOLED

Is defined as an array that provides brightness. Its screen add a semiconductor film somewhere behind the OLED system allowing for rapid activation of each pixel. It has a high speed who helps to be ideal for most screens of cell phones having a quality that allows to display more pixels. Researchers say that AMOLED screens are much better that the LCD screens.

It offers a better contrast due to the fact that the brightness comes from each pixel separately ( not from a single panel of light – how to find in other types of screens). When you must use the color black the screen stops its pixels featuring natural color black. Used a wide range of colors, can display many colors but it can cause certain images ( those who seem vibrant).

Another advantage take of large angles from which we can look ( can be transparent or flexible) ideal for devices they have a slight curvature, as for example cell phones Samsung Galaxy Round.

A touch screen AMOLED of Samsung has the sensitivity integrated directly into the screen. The result is a thinner screen, easier and that consume less energy.

The Samsung phones that use this type of screen is the range Samsung Galaxy S but one who has a more complex usage is Samsung Galaxy S5.

Super AMOLED display has a resolution of 720×1280 pixels and Full HD Super AMOLED has a resolution Full HD of 1080×1920 pixels.


The screen LCD

Compared to other screens it has brightness coming from a panel lighting and the entire screen is lit in a certain measure, there are times when good brightness does not in all parts of the screen.

These displays use liquid crystals, they allow more or less light but unlike the AMOLED they don’t offer a natural color black ( because the backlight remains lit constantly).

These screens shows a blank space between the bottle and display element. The power consumption is low when displayed with bright colors making it ideal for surfing the internet (when the white page appears).

The complications appears when you see that there are several variants of LCD screen, namely: Super LCD2 and Super LCD3 being an improvement of LCD.