Assassin’s Creed Liberation

Assassin’s Creed Liberation

About Assassin’s Creed HD Liberation – an assassin with three faces

Originally Assassin’s Creed Liberation was a mobile game console PlayStation Vita. If you add a HD at the end of the title, get a PC or console game for older attractive enough. Assassin’s Creed series has had good sales over time, so the producers decided to come up with a new title for adventure gamers. It is noted primarily by the main character who is a female assassin. It can disguise the three kept, thus having different approaches to different situations.

Assassin’s Creed is without doubt one of the most successful franchises launched in recent times and as a result the games in this series are sold regardless of the platform on which they are launched. But “why limit ourselves to a single platform and therefore portable” said company officials likely Ubisoft. Thus, staged a re-mastered version of Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, a game that was originally released on the PlayStation Vita portable console. And was born Assassin’s Creed: Liberation HD.

What is the most interesting aspect of this game? Liberation is the first title in the Assassin’s Creed series whose main character is a woman. Aveline by Grandpre, for such a name, is a woman of noble origins from European and African father from his mother natural, which is neither more nor less than a slave. The game takes place around the time of Assassin’s Creed III in 1765-1777 and the action takes place in Louisiana – a perfect combination to present a tumultuous situation, full of conflict, due to the historical events of that period. 185f1evjdq69ojpg

Thanks Aveline atypical origins, it has some great advantages in her career killer. This is because race and social status contradict current when the protagonist, so when she goes out on the streets may decide to disguise or a matron, or a slave. A third possibility is to disguise assassin.

Cloaking is not only aesthetic, but have a major effect on gameplay. As a lady, Aveline can seduce guards to come after it wherever it will lead them, they became practically an entry card secured area. But as with every advantage comes a disadvantage when a lady, Aveline has reduced mobility and can not fight or climb. Instead, you can use as a weapon arrows quite effective, at least until later in the game when arsenal further diversify less.