Best Android Apps

Since they appeared, smartphones and tablets seem perfect ways by which we kill time, when we have too much available. However, it would not hurt to know what applications are indicated to give a boost to your Android device.


We made a top that we hope will help because we know how important is to find the first application that you need, and get rid of that testing period. Applications they have chosen us are of the recently updated to offer you exactly what you need to be more productive.

Smartphone is a gadget perfect which helps you finish tasks from job, college, school in a variety of applications, but what would you say if you could phone to connect to your computer or laptop at home wherever you are in the world?

Although there are many applications that promise this, we decided that TeamViewer is one of the best applications that more is also free.

You only need a simple PIN code to connect to your PC. Then, once you have chosen magic numbers, you can do whatever you wanted to do by phone in the office in front of computer. That means the transfer documents or files into new folders, to load software that you can not have your phone or tablet.

GPS Phone Tracker

GPS Phone Tracker App is part of and operates by a very intelligent method to localize smart phones with the help of maps. This app can not find in google store, you download after Gps Phone Tracker website.


If some time ago was due mainly abroad, Booking has become relevant in Romania, especially in major cities and resorts. The main advantage is lower price than at reception, to which is added and easy booking process and lack of stress on accommodation when you arrive at your destination.


If you like to read magazines, Zinio is an app you should install. This gives you access to numerous journals grouped by category, including in areas such as sport, automotive and tech.


I could not end this article without mention about AccuWeather, one of the most precise applications when it comes to the weather forecast. The application, which “knows” many localities in Romania, tells you the weather in the next three weeks and how it will change in the next day on the hour. In addition, the interface is clean, intuitive and easy to use.