How to catch Pokemon without taking many balls?

It is kind of known the fact that Pokemon go is a very popular game, and the popularity of the game is increasing day by day. The game basically allows you to catch all the Pokemon in the real world. So, this game is getting quite attractive for the people who are a fan of Pokemon show. So, if you are playing the game for the very first time, then catching a Pokemon may not be quite an easy job for you, as you may get a little bit nervous. And when you get nervous, then you won’t be able to catch the pokemons and play the games properly. So, if you are playing the game for the very first time, then it can be expected that this discussion will help you a lot.


1) Relax:

This is the very first thing that you should consider when you are catching the Pokemon. It is quite common that you will be quite nervous while catching the pokemoon for the very first time. But always try to hold your nerves. And remember that the Pokemon is not going anywhere. So, throw the Pokeball properly to catch the Pokemon.

2) Guesstimate distance:

If you have an interest in catching wild pokemons, then there is one important thing that you must remember, and that is the pokemon go location hack will always be some feet away from your current location. And if you try to move close to the Pokemon, it won’t be much beneficial as the Pokemon will always be some distance away from me. So, under such situation, it is advised to throw the Pokeball strongly. And if the Pokemon is at fair margin away from your location, then it is always advised that throw the Pokeball strongly. Otherwise, you may not be able to catch the Pokemon.

3) Focus the Pokemon tin the center of your camera:

When you are catching a Pokemon with your phone, then it is really important that you keep focusing the Pokemon in the center of the camera. And at the same time, you have to keep a steady hand as well. As if your hand somehow becomes unsteady, then the focus may get disturbed. And if your camera is focused to the Pokemon, then the aim will be much more perfect. And with a perfect aim you can throw the Pokeball properly. And if you can throw the Pokeball properly, then there is a good chance that you will catch the Pokemon.

4) Beware while taking a shot!

While catching the Pokemon, always try to be aware of the colored circle. A green circle means the Pokemon is easy to catch and the yellow circle means the Pokemon is relatively tough. But if the red circles appear, then you have to face a hell of a problem to catch that Pokemon. And if the size of the circle is relatively smaller, then the pokemon is easy to catch, and if the circle is bigger, then the pokemon is going to be quite tough to catch.

So, if you are aware these steps, then you can catch Pokemon quite easily without spending much poke balls.