HBO go on smart tv

HBO go on smart tv. Although this technology is relatively new, is therefore not exempt from smaller or larger problems regardless of manufacturer, to purchase a smart TV has several advantages for end users, especially for those passionate about the internet. By using a device with such a technology, the TV is no longer a simple “box” that gives you access to a number of TV channels that depend exclusively on your cable operator offer, but rather a intelligent terminal with access to a significant range more varied of services. A Smart TV is a LED TV with functions to connect to the Internet via a wireless network. With such a smart TV you can navigate in a browser on your favorite sites, to use various applications similar in concept to those on smartphones and have access to various services such as VOD (video-on-demand), such as the subscription to HBO GO. In addition, smart TVs allow you to watch your own multimedia content from USB drives or external HDDs.


Therefore, you can consider Smart TV as significantly larger screen version of a smartphone or a tablet, except that, for now, the technology has not came to a level of development as high as for mobile platforms.

Basically, once you have accessed the Smart TV menu, a smart TV offers a homescreen where you can access various applications or you can enter into settings. The interface follows an similar principle of smartphones, but manufacturers have opted for their own designs, so sometimes the differences can be quite large.

As I said, the access to services and applications is the main advantage of a Smart TV. Unfortunately, the offer of applications is quite rudimentary, since the number of developers is quite low, and their offered options are relatively limited.

Applications for Samsung Smart TVs

In the light of experience in the field of smartphones, Samsung is the manufacturer with the most generous offers Smart TV’s and has developed its own ecosystem of applications, which is also the richest.

There are social media applications for Facebook, Twitter or Skype, those for YouTube and Dailymotion, EuroNews or BBC News publications and other useful applications like AccuWeather.

Applications for LG, Philips, Toshiba and Panasonic Smart TVs

Meanwhile, faced with the inability to quickly develop individually applications, LG, Toshiba and TV Vision (Chinese manufacturer that bought the division of Philips TVs) have formed a common platform for applications through an agreement dubbed Smart TV Alliance.

Panasonic subsequently joined the alliance, while Samsung has preferred to develop their own platform and did not join the organization.

The advantage is that a Smart TV application developed on this platform will be available simultaneously on any LG, Philips, Toshiba and Panasonic Smart TV.

Unfortunately, the selection of applications is more modest than the Samsung platform and includes a few basic applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other apps for weather scores live football matches, news and other entertainment .