History of Technology 12

History of Technology 12
Some researchers have worked hard to make robots and flying insects, trying to make them intelligent, others returned from sketches improving mechanical and aerodynamic how to fly. By copying the structure of an insect body, they realized the mechanical insects can fly and avoid objects only “smart” sensors and an electric motor. In other words, the engineers found that the answer lies in design.
Comparing the power of 12 neurons in a brain of an insect with the power of a computer, it becomes a question of design. The insect is made to eat garbage and to bazaii around us is made to make computer tasks in our place to save us precious time. Any comparison between an insect and a computer is not “fair play”. As the insect body is designed to fly, and so the computers will be designed to think, to realize an intelligent machines.
The computer is obsoleted or other things that go flying, but insects can fly will not help to solve puzzles.
Starting from this perspective, we can begin to see the problems of comparison between computer and human intelligence. Although sometimes, man and computer can solve the same problems, or they may face. An example is the game of chess. One can venture into an African jungle, while the computer sits and rests. A computer monitor can make a green pixel 7:45 on August 15, 2012 while you do not even bother to get up for the event.
Computers earn their place as can be calculated much faster and can remember better. Even the most complex computer applications (video games, digital animation, photo editors, etc) are all based on these two capabilities.
While man takes minutes to even think what to choose between chocolate and vanilla, the computer may take such decisions billion in a second.

Without a doubt, some of us follow instructions better than others. Computers follow instructions exactly. In this area, PCs are better than us. They will carefully step by step list of instructions, but this does not make them smarter than us. But if we follow a list of instructions for tens of thousands of lines sure we have problems.
Computers have an excellent memory. But unlike humans, computer memory is not relational. If we try to remember the name of an old friend, we search the list of names known in a certain order. But if we remember that his friend had big ears, the name might “appear” in the mind of the blue. This is because the friend’s name is stored with a characteristic element of the person.
Computer memory is permanent and accurate. A computer needs to know exactly what they are looking to find. For example, you may find a bill in 2000 after various values that are in it, but can not remember the name of the friend feature on the ears.
On the other hand, man has zero chance to remind the value of that invoice and 10 years ago.
Now that we observed differences between a human and a computer, the computer can understand and should behave like a computer. I want that data from a company placed in computer databases to be changed by them, or to have self-awareness, to become like men.
Lack of artificial intelligence computer in to be a wonderful tool with which you can work. Man and machine can work together, complementing each other. Reaching the above mentioned example of the insect, the computer is designed to process information exactly as we want, not to become human, to have self-consciousness and thinking.
If we want to realize intelligent robots probably should go back to sketches. The computer is made to be a calculating, not an artificial intelligence support. Yet, it can. It’s all about design …