History of Technology

History of Technology 3

Accelerated development of technology
figure4631In subsequent years, technology has advanced greatly. Progress in the last 200 years has grown exponentially, both technological and social or cultural. At December 20, 1951 was generated energy for the first time by a nuclear reactor, producing about 100 kW.
The computer has revolutionized the world, with applications in almost all areas. One of the most important inventions of the last century was the World Wide Web in 1990.
In the 20th century developed communication technology, transport and technology has improved implementation of the scientific method. Education and she reached an unprecedented level. During the two world wars, due to the need of weapons and more advanced technology, invented radar, radio, which then paved the way for today by phone, fax, and various storage devices based on magnetica.Recent band, appeared scientific research new areas such as biotechnology. Research continues in areas such as quantum computing, nanotechnology, bioengineering, nuclear fusion and superconductivity. Understanding particle physics could be performed using the Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator – the largest scientific experiment in the world.
In astronomy, telescopes help us look to other galaxies, but the man was not satisfied with just that. In July 20, 1969, the first man walked on the moon. Space missions continued in the coming years, being made a further 5 manned missions have landed. Although maybe later than expected, the man plans to reach Mars in 2030. This year Atlas V rocket was launched carrying the rover Curiosity to Mars, which will prepare the ground for future manned missions. Curiosity is not aimed primarily detect life forms on Mars, but will investigate whether the Red Planet may provide or have provided in the past an environment in which life could have developed climate and geological analyzes. Curiosity will also provide data that will prepare future manned Mars missions.
technological Singularity
The term was borrowed from the physical singularity. A good example is a black hole; We can not what is inside them, we can not penetrate beyond the Schwarzschild radius and the laws of physics no longer apply here. And the universe was formed from such a singularity, where space and time were compressed to infinity. In mathematics, the singularity is where an equation or surface degenerates or disappears.
Technological singularity is a concept of futurology which refers to the implications in general has really accelerated scientific and technical progress for the human species.
John von Neumann spoke in an interview in 1958 about the fact that scientific and technical progress accelerated bode kind of singularity, beyond which life and the world as we know it can not exist.
In 1965, IJ Good introduce the idea of intelligence explosion that is now included in the concept of technological singularity.
Moore’s Law says that in about 20-30 years computers will exceed the computing power of the human brain, which is of the order of 1014 operations per second. The human brain has 100 billion neurons with each neuron connections 1000 with 200 operations per second for each connection.
Ray Kurzweil, in his “Law of Accelerating Returns”, concludes that the emergence of the universe, and especially the emergence of life on Earth, evolution occurred exponentially, or even double exponential, not linear.
Extrapolating Moore’s Law, Kurzweil assumed that in the 100 years of the twenty-first century will witness an evolution comparable to previous 20,000 years, if you maintain exponential curve. This is because once computers will exceed human brain performance, they will be able to improve themselves, keeping pace exponential growth of computing speed. The result will be as scientific and technical progress will experience an acceleration of increasingly high. Those computers will eventually be able to decipher almost all the secrets of the universe.
Such advancement leads to almost unimaginable events for our species. But even people who lived hundreds of years ago believed not hear or see a person on the other side of the globe and many other features that we have today.
Intelligence fusion between biological and non-biological immortality will lead to people close to the high levels of superintelligent that spread throughout the universe. For this reason it is used the term “singularity” human species has no way to understand what will follow, as no bacteria can not understand what a man. So great will be scientific and technical progress.