Nikola Tesla 5

Nikola Tesla 5
For nine months Tesla continued the series of experiments. Amazing inventor discovered the resonant frequency of the earth and managed to produce the first artificial earthquake. Ela oscillator placed in the ground at the same frequency which resonated with Earth. Only after almost a century, science was able to prove the truth of this theory. Filling made by Tesla is absolutely amazing today: between war and earthquakes there is a direct link.


Mining explosives, torpedoes, rockets, not to mention nuclear experiments, develops huge reactive forces that propagate across the globe. Their effect can be multiplied tremendously resonance. “The combined action of any kind can cause explosions tectonic movements in any part of the globe, and a disastrous earthquake in Italy may be the result of an explosion in France.

The fact that man can produce such convulsion of the earth can not be questioned. Depends if he does a good or bad end. “(Nicholas Tesla). That leads me to the wave of earthquakes, floods, tornadoes that hit the earth lately. I would add: yes people, unconsciousness, can destroy the earth.
Also in Colorado, Tesla perceived a repeated signal from space, supporting the existence of other civilizations in space. It would be virtually impossible for the billions of planets, only one is inhabited: the Earth. For these statements was ridiculed in the press.
When he returned to New York from Colorado Spring, wrote an article for the magazine sensational Century Magazine. In this detailed and futuristic vision he described a means of tapping solar energy using an antenna. He suggested that the weather could be controlled with electricity. He talked about cars that would make war impossible. And proposed a global wireless communication. For most people these ideas were practical beînţeles but Tesla could not be underestimated.

The article attracted the attention of one of the most influential people, JP Morgan. A frequent guest in the house of Morgan, Tesla proposed a scheme that looked like a science-fiction “global system” wireless communication to transmit telephone messages across the ocean; to transmit news, music, stock market reports, private messages, secure military communications, and tranmitere image in any corner of the world. “When Wireless is widely applied, the earth will be transformed into a huge brain, capable of responding to any corner of his” Tesla said Morgan.
Morgan gave Tesla 150,000 to build a transmission tower and power plant. A sum Realis was 1,000,000, but Tesla accepted and began work immediately, but the tower of his dreams could not be realized for Tesla lost the funding Morgan investor wanting immediate results.
Tesla “always brilliant mystic”