Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 is the result of a merge between glass block suppliers and other carving techniques, giving a rounded shape that is reflected in a lot of bright and attractive. Galaxy S6 device is different from other sites in the range. These can be uploaded wirelessly, can provide high quality images, with 16 MP rear camera that adapts in all forms of light, and with the front can take photos of 5 MP, offering some extraordinary selves. Additionally the camera comes with an advantage for those who love photos, with the “auto-focus tracking” which keeps the location of the object regardless of his position and his movement. Super AMOLED QHD screen of 5.1 made of Gorilla glass provides an absolutely impressive clarity of images, photos, VCRs, giving the impression of an approximation of reality.


The appearance beautifull, thin way, it measures 13 cm and weighs about 140 grams, also has nano-sim and meaning finger, is available in 4 colors (black, white, blue and gold) is perfect for both women and men.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 battery lasts up to 17 hours, if enabled, 3G, and up to 50 hours with different functions switched on (music or calls).

Also, a touch is enough to connect your Samsung Galaxy S6 Samsung Smart TV to TV BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). The films will “mirror” of your Galaxy S6 on the TV screen and vice versa: the content on the TV can be distributed to your phone.

High security due to security solutions for high-efficiency phone Samsung Galaxy S6: KNOX, a fingerprint reader, and new Smart Manager application allows us to check out of a regard a wide range of useful information about battery status, memory, RAM, security and more.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a device that has attracted millions of people because a smartphone is different from what has been released so far, with a generous screen, curved on both sides. Its body is made entirely of metal and glass fin and powerful (4 Gorilla Glass), a fingerprint reader advanced access to new versions of Android, especially the 16 megapixel camera that offers fantastic photographs. The battery is non-removable and has a much longer duration of life than other devices. It has installed Android 5.1.1 version. So has the latest updates and it works fast and stable. It praised battery charging technology that now allow them to supply 1.5 times faster than other smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is equipped with first 14nm processor 64-bit platform in the world, the most powerful Android phones. Quick Charge function lets you use the battery for 4 hours or receiver to watch two hours of HD video Cottin after just 10 minutes of charging. In addition, the first hardware based codec 1440P / VP9 allow video streaming at higher resolutions with low power consumption. The speaker provides clear sound and a very high volume and high-fidelity microphones were giving a very good audio playback. The sensors, of which the footprint of the Home button works flawlessly at first touch. This new flagship Samsung also offers a sensor for measuring pulse being very discreet, hidden next to the camera flash and uses a visible red LED. There is a sensor for optical analysis and others. Being an advanced and efficient phone can tell you how fast you move when you want to do many things at once or when you want to access information and applications as quickly.

Ultra thin and lightweight phones Samsung Galaxy S6 (6,8mm and 138g) and Galaxy S6 edge (7 mm and 132 g) come equipped with the latest generation processor performance. Mobile processor, the new memory and flash memory LPDDR4 UFS 2.0 provides exceptional performance, increased speed and low power consumption.