Social Apps

Snapchat is a social application that can be found in app stores, is free and simple to use. You can communicate with different friends at the same time but the messages will be deleted after a few minutes. I chose to talk about Snapchat because it says it is the most secure application. Every day, millions of people worldwide waive SMS mobile messaging applications. In the past, the most popular in the world was Yahoo Messenger, but today we speak Snapchat and other social sites. Many of these software are unsafe and protects personal information but we do not do this Snapchat.


I am very pleased with this app but I found a way that can this application can run much better and sanu delete messages. Snaphack is a program that allows you to send messages and pictures on the application without it to wipe at a time. Enter Snapchat Hack download to your device and wipe Snapchat app that you’ve no need of it.

In recent weeks, Internet users began to seek and embrace secure email messaging services and several programs and websites that can make conversations more difficult to listen to.

Since the scandal interceptions on the Internet, Internet citizens fears were confirmed. The largest email and social networking acknowledged that US intelligence provided personal information and conversations of hundreds of millions.

Some European governments have requested clarifications United Stet and against Edward Snowden has triggered a hunt, he was accused of treason. Treason or not, concerns us now as we make our secrets remain secrets.

And no matter how important than maybe you find some discussions usual today, one can not guarantee that they could be used against someone malevolently, which is sometimes even the state. Let’s see how conversing therefore confidential.

Over 85% of local smartphone users do not use mobile apps for the security of these devices. Among the biggest specific risks include unauthorized access and theft of confidential data information, difficulty in locating GPS device and the impossibility of blocking the terminal remotely in case of loss or theft. Snapchat is one of the applications that offers many fun things.


So you can have a video call in which one of the users prefer to write with camera and microphone turned off, you can have an audio call in which one user uses photos with superimposed text and any combination of methods provides Snapchat. The transition between them is intuitive, each communication method benefiting from its own dedicated button in the chat window.


Snapchat neglected to inform their clients about that snaps can be saved indefinitely, using other applications. This service for smart phones has become very popular after its launch in September 2011. But its success has generated many concerns because the application can offer teenagers a false sense of security when publishing their photos. More recently, Snapchat refused an offer to purchase $ 3 billion made by Facebook.